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Saturday, November 10, 2012

How to Become an Alpha Male ( Man Of Ladies )

an Alpha Male
What Is an Alpha Male?
Alpha male is an expression used for a man that is considered to be a group leader and very often successful with women. It can be about looks but often is more about the way they behave and act when in company. Any man who is confident enough in his own ability can become a leader and very often this is the case in the world of work. Knowing how to make your view known and argue against the view of others is likely to get the man a leadership role. It does not have to be a violent action that works but just strength of personality. 




1. Fill the holes in your belief system.

If you are uncertain of what you believe in and why you believe in it, now is the time to solidify your boundaries. Nothing is wrong with critical thinking and you can always change your beliefs down the road. But know the reasons you are doing the things you do. This means having a personal code and living by it. Whether it is religious or whether it is secular, define what makes you happy and stick to your path.

your belief system

2. Adaptability.

One of the hardest attributes to learn, adaptability is as close to being an instinctual and inherent quality as I like to think is possible. Adaptability, and your comfort with it, will accumulate as you continue to have personal experiences. To work on your adapability, throw yourself in a variety of experiences that you are unfamiliar with. You will become more comfortable handling the unknown, as well as pick up on maladaptive patterns for self-correction.

3. Live in the present moment.

” Now is all we have”
By being present and not thinking about the past or future you begin to base your decision making on instinct. In fact, more often than not your instincts will tell you the right decision to make. Often past experience and worrying hinders your decision making ability. Live in the moment.
Live in the present moment


4. Be physically fit.

You don’t have to go overboard here. We can’t always be the 7 ft line backer, but we can always keep our mind and bodies sharp with physical fitness and weight lifting. Even if it’s only a couple times a week, it will give you the necessary positive beliefs to understand you’re the protector of the ones you love. And in reality when you build muscle and strength, you will in fact become a better protector.
Be physically fit

5. Become an expert in something popular among people.

By having an expertise that people can benefit from, you ultimately become the go to guy for that specific subject. You become the person that others will consult and that is the leadership of an alpha male. If someone has a question, they’ll go to you. If they need change, you’ll make it happen. And though your leadership may be contextually dependent, the mere role will rub off on all aspects of your life.

popular among people

6. Don’t “try” to impress people.

Too many people are worried what others think about them and neglect the fact opinions are what they are… subjective. For the alpha male there will always be the mindless chatter of monkeys, but he is too busy mating with women and making important decisions to constantly be affected.

to impress people

7. Don’t let your own personal well being or mood be affected by others.

People who are unhappy with their lives or the way they’ve turned out have a remarkable ability to bring others down with them. Misery loves company. Don’t be one of these people who gets sucked down through unjust criticism and belittlement. An alpha male lets the insults roll off him back like water rolls off a duck.

affected by others