Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Main steps to become famous on facebook

Today i am going to share you idea to become most famous on Facebook. you have to read these steps one by one and try them with your account and you will get your name on  top!  


1.you have to create a Facebook page for your account? It's one way to keep your product adverts and updates always with the users' attention. Also target your audience by creating a strategy to divert them into visiting your website.

create a facebook page for your account

2.Active participation with friends: is best way to get attention from friends. Make your profile or page more attractive by sharing not only information regarding your products or categories but share all exiting news with your friends.

Active participation with friends

3.one strategy is to join Facebook Groups and participate in relevant discussions.  once you have your Facebook page,

join Facebook Groups

4.Having a contest, and having rules such as must like this page to win or something. Or Like and share this page to be entered would be a good way to populate your page. 
contest, and having rules

5.Great contents can make you famous on both way. Share good images, videos, post topics spread them to your list.. Are you want to be famous in friends or community page? 

Great contents

6.say something controversial ! If you really want to become famous personally, . This happened to someone in a Facebook baseball-related page not long ago. It was just an opinion, but someone actually wrote back saying they were incensed and would tell my boss (he work part-time at local stadium). he was famous in that small circle for his baseball knowledge and insight and now more so for this one line he wrote. 

say something controversial

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