Tuesday, November 6, 2012

The Best ways to be the sexiest girl

The Best ways to be the sexiest girl
There are four kinds of girls: ugly girls, cute girls, hot girls, and sexy girls. Do you want to be that guy that all the boys want? Here's the way for you.

 If you need to, Do some shopping. There are a few different styles for girls these days. Go to a store you like and pick up shirts, shorts, jeans, Whatever you're comfortable in. And for the cloths: Make sure they tight!

Do some shopping

Shower and use deodorant. One of the worst things is when a girl either doesn't shower and tries to cover his smell with a cloud of axe or she just goes around smelling like a locker room. Take care of your self and show that you have good personal hygiene. Brush your hair and teeth every morning for a more polished and well kept appearance.

take Showeruse deodorant

Don't be obnoxious and loud,but also don't clam up. If a boy likes you, he'll want to talk to you and know more about you. Be confident in yourself, and never forget that you're worth something. However, going overboard and being rude is not desirable.

don't clam up

BE Courteous. The sexiest thing to any man is a woman that will smile (not  laugh) to him, pay for attention and walk on the street side of the sidewalk. Being a lady and having good manners is a great way to get boys and adults to like you.

BE Courteous

If you are uncomfortable with your body, then do something. But, being a health nut is not always a good thing, and you should never skip meals or throw up or over exercise to get "the perfect body". If you feel like you should lose or gain weight, you can do it, but unhealthy and unnatural routes are extremely unattractive. Want to lose weight? Check your diet, see what you can do to make it healthier. Run or walk, if you want to exercise, even swim. Do what you can and something that won't exhaust you.

exercise to get perfect body


  • Please don't reply to boys' texts in one word (unless appropriate) because it shows that you don't care.
  • Always be prepared: brush your teeth, Carry some extra cash
  • Try not to make much laugh be smiley.
  • Have some manners. You can be the most handsome guy ever and girls won't want you if you are gross, immature or just plain mean.


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