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How to Become an Alpha Male ( Man Of Ladies )

an Alpha Male
What Is an Alpha Male?
Alpha male is an expression used for a man that is considered to be a group leader and very often successful with women. It can be about looks but often is more about the way they behave and act when in company. Any man who is confident enough in his own ability can become a leader and very often this is the case in the world of work. Knowing how to make your view known and argue against the view of others is likely to get the man a leadership role. It does not have to be a violent action that works but just strength of personality. 




1. Fill the holes in your belief system.

If you are uncertain of what you believe in and why you believe in it, now is the time to solidify your boundaries. Nothing is wrong with critical thinking and you can always change your beliefs down the road. But know the reasons you are doing the things you do. This means having a personal code and living by it. Whether it is religious or whether it is secular, define what makes you happy and stick to your path.

your belief system

2. Adaptability.

One of the hardest attributes to learn, adaptability is as close to being an instinctual and inherent quality as I like to think is possible. Adaptability, and your comfort with it, will accumulate as you continue to have personal experiences. To work on your adapability, throw yourself in a variety of experiences that you are unfamiliar with. You will become more comfortable handling the unknown, as well as pick up on maladaptive patterns for self-correction.

3. Live in the present moment.

” Now is all we have”
By being present and not thinking about the past or future you begin to base your decision making on instinct. In fact, more often than not your instincts will tell you the right decision to make. Often past experience and worrying hinders your decision making ability. Live in the moment.
Live in the present moment


4. Be physically fit.

You don’t have to go overboard here. We can’t always be the 7 ft line backer, but we can always keep our mind and bodies sharp with physical fitness and weight lifting. Even if it’s only a couple times a week, it will give you the necessary positive beliefs to understand you’re the protector of the ones you love. And in reality when you build muscle and strength, you will in fact become a better protector.
Be physically fit

5. Become an expert in something popular among people.

By having an expertise that people can benefit from, you ultimately become the go to guy for that specific subject. You become the person that others will consult and that is the leadership of an alpha male. If someone has a question, they’ll go to you. If they need change, you’ll make it happen. And though your leadership may be contextually dependent, the mere role will rub off on all aspects of your life.

popular among people

6. Don’t “try” to impress people.

Too many people are worried what others think about them and neglect the fact opinions are what they are… subjective. For the alpha male there will always be the mindless chatter of monkeys, but he is too busy mating with women and making important decisions to constantly be affected.

to impress people

7. Don’t let your own personal well being or mood be affected by others.

People who are unhappy with their lives or the way they’ve turned out have a remarkable ability to bring others down with them. Misery loves company. Don’t be one of these people who gets sucked down through unjust criticism and belittlement. An alpha male lets the insults roll off him back like water rolls off a duck.

affected by others

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Easy Steps to Be Most Attractive boy to girls

Most Attractive bo

These are practical tips that you can use to become a more Attractive desirable boy. They will require changes to your lifestyle and the way you present yourself to the world. Here are they :

1.Conversation skills

Just being able to have a normal conversation goes a long way. You can't take a girl out unless you've had a conversation with her. And on the date, what do you do? More conversation.
Practice specific skills like story telling, humor, descriptions, showing emotion, talking on a variety of topics and talking about sexual and romantic topics. Practice with your friends, family, strangers, colleagues, anybody. Conversation is a skill that can be learned and improved. The better you get, the more fascinated girls (and people in general) will be with you. And they will love hanging out with you.

2.Get a life

Do new things, do unusual things, do fun things. Go to places you've never been before. Make yourself busy with hobbies or interests--preferably where there is a social component. As you have more stuff going on in your life, you seem more interesting. You seem more interesting because you are more interesting. Sitting on the couch all day watching TV does not constitute a fun, interesting lifestyle. And you won't meet any new girls by staying at home all the time.

do fun things

3.Fashion and style

The way you dress says a lot about you, especially to girls. For the most part, men are completely clueless as to what their fashion is saying. Fashion is a silent, powerful language that is constantly being spoken everywhere you go. The few men that know how to speak it get lots of attention while other guys are completely oblivious.
Find a style or look that is consistent with your personality. Make it unique. You don't want to fit in with the crowd. It will take time and experimentation to develop a solid wardrobe, but once you do, watch out. girls will really take notice.

Fashion and style

4.Get fit

Having a good body is not as important to girls as it is to boys. But it does send a signal about something that girls care deeply about: how a man feels about himself. Is he willing to let himself go? Or does he have the discipline and the desire to look and feel his best?
Make an effort to shed a few pounds or bulk up a bit. At the very least, you will carry yourself with more confidence and presence.

Get fit

5.Find a passion

Find something you are passionate about. Something you can dedicate your life to. You want a direction in life. It could be your career, sports, education/ scholarship, traveling, revelry, or anything else. girls are drawn to boys who have purpose and direction. They don't want drifting deadbeats. When your life revolves around a passion, a girl can feel it. She is drawn to that strong, positive energy. Of course, if it is a true passion, this is something you should be doing for yourself, not for girls.

Find a passion

6.Talk to people

Talk to people everywhere you go. Male or female, young or old. Incorporate talking to people into your lifestyle and daily routine. The more social interaction you get, the easier it will be to strike up a conversation with a hot chick when you see her. You don't want to go through your whole day, speaking to nobody, and then suddenly see the hot chick and freeze up without anything to say.

Talk to people

7.Your place

Improve your home or apartment. Keep it clean, neat and organized. Get some interesting decorations and decor. Lighting, colors, smells and sounds (as in music) all make a big difference because women are more sensitive to sensual experiences than we are.
You've had a great date with the girl, made out with her, and took her home. Last minute resistance to sex often occurs because she is not comfortable, or is slightly turned off by your place. So don't drop the ball! (No pun intended.)

Your place

8.Spend time with girls

Spend time with girls of all kinds, any chance you get. Attractive girls AND unattractive girls. Make female friends and hang out with girls at the office. Learn their idiosyncrasies and get to know how they operate. Get used to being around feminine energy (without acting like a female). This will make flirting and sexual interactions with girls much easier and smoother for you.

Spend time with girls


 There are specific things you can do to raise your self-esteem that will make you attractive to a man. 

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Main steps to become famous on facebook

Today i am going to share you idea to become most famous on Facebook. you have to read these steps one by one and try them with your account and you will get your name on  top!   have to create a Facebook page for your account? It's one way to keep your product adverts and updates always with the users' attention. Also target your audience by creating a strategy to divert them into visiting your website.

create a facebook page for your account

2.Active participation with friends: is best way to get attention from friends. Make your profile or page more attractive by sharing not only information regarding your products or categories but share all exiting news with your friends.

Active participation with friends strategy is to join Facebook Groups and participate in relevant discussions.  once you have your Facebook page,

join Facebook Groups

4.Having a contest, and having rules such as must like this page to win or something. Or Like and share this page to be entered would be a good way to populate your page. 
contest, and having rules

5.Great contents can make you famous on both way. Share good images, videos, post topics spread them to your list.. Are you want to be famous in friends or community page? 

Great contents

6.say something controversial ! If you really want to become famous personally, . This happened to someone in a Facebook baseball-related page not long ago. It was just an opinion, but someone actually wrote back saying they were incensed and would tell my boss (he work part-time at local stadium). he was famous in that small circle for his baseball knowledge and insight and now more so for this one line he wrote. 

say something controversial

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The Best ways to be the sexiest girl

The Best ways to be the sexiest girl
There are four kinds of girls: ugly girls, cute girls, hot girls, and sexy girls. Do you want to be that guy that all the boys want? Here's the way for you.

 If you need to, Do some shopping. There are a few different styles for girls these days. Go to a store you like and pick up shirts, shorts, jeans, Whatever you're comfortable in. And for the cloths: Make sure they tight!

Do some shopping

Shower and use deodorant. One of the worst things is when a girl either doesn't shower and tries to cover his smell with a cloud of axe or she just goes around smelling like a locker room. Take care of your self and show that you have good personal hygiene. Brush your hair and teeth every morning for a more polished and well kept appearance.

take Showeruse deodorant

Don't be obnoxious and loud,but also don't clam up. If a boy likes you, he'll want to talk to you and know more about you. Be confident in yourself, and never forget that you're worth something. However, going overboard and being rude is not desirable.

don't clam up

BE Courteous. The sexiest thing to any man is a woman that will smile (not  laugh) to him, pay for attention and walk on the street side of the sidewalk. Being a lady and having good manners is a great way to get boys and adults to like you.

BE Courteous

If you are uncomfortable with your body, then do something. But, being a health nut is not always a good thing, and you should never skip meals or throw up or over exercise to get "the perfect body". If you feel like you should lose or gain weight, you can do it, but unhealthy and unnatural routes are extremely unattractive. Want to lose weight? Check your diet, see what you can do to make it healthier. Run or walk, if you want to exercise, even swim. Do what you can and something that won't exhaust you.

exercise to get perfect body


  • Please don't reply to boys' texts in one word (unless appropriate) because it shows that you don't care.
  • Always be prepared: brush your teeth, Carry some extra cash
  • Try not to make much laugh be smiley.
  • Have some manners. You can be the most handsome guy ever and girls won't want you if you are gross, immature or just plain mean.


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How to Make someone fall in love with you in short period of time

How to Make someone fall in love with you in short period of time
Today we are going to show some of the simple ways to make someone fall for you in love with in short time. if you managed to apply them well.  First you have to Know these some great problems by reading this short words below.

Why people failed to attract the ones they wanted?

The answer to this question is not difficult at all, it has to do with how people go about it and their belief system about attraction. The kind of beliefs we hold concerning love influenced our courage and the ability to draw a potential partner.
For example, thinking that you need to be resourceful before you can be loved hinders your chances. You can attract a potential partner to yourself without having to go beyond who you are.

So Here are the Main steps Mentioned to make someone fall in love with you  :
make someone fall in love with you 
  • Look for his/her subconscious criteria and match them: Before I tell you how to make someone fall for you, you must first know the things that make us fall in love and few things about the person's love criteria (What he/she likes in a mate). Matching a person's criteria is nothing more than noticing few internal and external factors about his love criteria and what he likes about himself and in a mate and appear to be a perfect match for him. On the other hand, watch out for the things he hates about himself. For example, if you noticed that he is suffering from self-confidence etc, then appearing to be a confident person will make him fall for you.

  •  Have what He/she need : when people search for a partner they unconsciously try to find someone who has similar traits to the ones they like about themselves and different traits than the ones they hate about themselves. For example if someone who feels inferior but was very intelligent then he will seek an intelligent and a confident partner. If this was the person you are targeting then playing the role of an incredibly confident person can be very effective simply because you will be sending a message to his/her  mind saying “I have what you need”. In addition try to do your best to show him that you have some common interests (don't lie, just search for what’s common between you).
  • Program his/her mind: Programming someone's mind is nothing than staying at his sight. This is because, when we start seeing someone for an extended period of time, we tend to develop love and affection for the person. This is the same reason why a child would dearly love his mother simply so because the child sees her more often than anyone. As you can see by staying at your victim's sight will make him not only notice you but start developing interest as well.
  • Make enough eyes contact: In my book How to make someone fall in love with you (Based on psychology and human behavioral science), I said that when staring at someone for a longer time (the opposite sex), we indirectly send out two massages: The first massage is that you find him/her interesting and the second signal is that you have something to share. This acts as a kick starter because by the time you want to express yourself, he/she must have already known the subject.
  • Use close ones to program his mind: If you were walking in the street and someone come up to you and say you are a perfect match for his friend, most likely you won't believe him. Now, what happens if he/she was your best friend? You will start considering what he is saying since the information came from a trusted source. So if you can managed to use someone close to your victim then your victim will perceive you as a real match. The person does not necessary have to tell a story or your trendy biography but just by making some praises of you, recommending you, referring you as a nice and handsome/beautiful person etc. That’s all.
  • Who does she/he love? One of the love criteria our subconscious mind has is that we unconsciously fall in love with those who have the similarities to the people whom we love. So if you noticed that your victim loves his mother then appearing to behave like his mother will let him fall for you.
  • Be needy: One of the biggest mistakes people do when trying to impress or make someone fall in love with them is that, they allow themselves to be over available. I am not totally against that but being over available when trying to win someone's love is like sending the wrong signal. If you managed to convince your victim that you’re highly needed by other boys/girls, your perceive attractiveness will increased.                     


     Please don’t misuse this Information

    This kind of information should only be used when you are serious about a relationship and not when you intend to play around. Please be grown up enough to know that people have got feelings and that hurting their feelings just to feel victorious is something that is far from being right.

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It is so amazing, now you are going to see for hot wives of famous presidents photo. They are normally hot like the women or ladies you look around. Some of them have hot boobs, some of them hot body and beautiful face. Now You are going to meet hot wives of presidents or sexy wives of country leaders, Have a Fun with them :

See the hottest wife of president Nicolas Sarkozy from france : Carla Bruni Sarkozy

 hottest wife of president Nicolas Sarkozy from france
Carla Bruni Sarkozy wife of president Nicolas Sarkozy

Sexy Look from Syrian president Bashar al-Assad Wife : Asma al-Assad
Syrian president Bashar al-Assad Wife

Asma al-Assad

Gorgeous woman Michelle Obama Wife Of Barack Obama U.S.A President

Michelle Obama

Wife Of Barack Obama U.S.A President

The Beautiful Germany President Christian wilff wife: Bettina Wulff
Germany President Christian wilff wife

Bettina Wulff

The Hottest Veronica Lario Wife of  President Silvio Berluscon italy
Hottest Veronica Lario

Wife of  President Silvio Berluscon italy

The Hottest Veronica Lario Wife of  President Silvio Berluscon italy

Pretty Lady Patience Goodluck Naijamayor Wife of President Goodluck Jonathan Nigeria
Pretty Lady Patience Goodluck Naijamayor

Wife of President Goodluck Jonathan Nigeria

Warmest Wife of President Dmitry Medvedev Russia, Svetlana Medvedeva
Svetlana Medvedeva

 Wife of President Dmitry Medvedev Russia

Candy Fourth wife of South Africa's president Jacob Zuma : Gloria Bongi Ngema

Fourth wife of South Africa's president Jacob Zum

Gloria Bongi Ngema

 These Ladies Are For this day, Be in touch for the next update or post.
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